Regardless of where we live, how old we are, or what beliefs we hold, our race, social status and position each of us is affected by this extraordinary surreal situation amid COVID-19. Together we have been immobilised for days or months now. We are trying hard to fight the virus every moment without knowing what is next. The novel Corona virus has sped around the world is yet spreading
aggressively in many locations and frequently depicted as a wave in the globe.

Poorer or developing countries including Bangladesh is already going through an enormous crisis of job and food while most people are hand to mouth over here. In this highly dense country, in one hand, many do not even realize the high risk and danger of this deadly virus and social distancing seems impossible in their lives, although on the other hand, many are struggling to survive and fight putting themselves in self isolation and keeping social distancing. The economy of the most powerful developed countries already have fallen down that will definitely badly affect us in coming days.  Read More