Opening on February 6, 2010 
6-9 February (3 nights)
 Time: 12.00am to 10:00am

Artist: Faisal Anwar, Canada, 

 Hosted by Britto in partnership with CFC Media Lab (Canada) and VASL (Karachi).
A virtual meet up between Bangladesh and Canada! Through live video streams to interact with each other.

OddSpace is a real-time interactive installation that engages the spaces of human interactions. This project seeks to connect people separated by geography, social and cultural status by using new technologies to help facilitate their exchange. OddSpaces reminds us that while we may be separated by the conventions of our own society and identity, new technologies can be used to work against such barriers and bring to light the social norms that work behind the screens.

For more information on the project and information on partners, please visit www.oddspaces.com

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