Opening reception: 5.30 pm, 24 January 2020
Venue: Britto Space
Exhibition: 24 Jan – 15 Feb (everyday 1 – 8 pm)
Workshop: 20 Nov. 2019 – 20 Jan. 2020

Rongbaaz is a collective project by Britto in collaboration with Rickshaw & Banner painters

Britto has done a number of projects in collaboration with traditional artists, artisans and makers including rickshaw and cinema banner painters in past to create a new language in contemporary art practice. Rickshaw decoration and it’s painting have marked a new urban popular art form in Bangladesh. Similarly cinema banner painting with its unique style has become part of consistent public art for years in South Asia. RONGBAAZ addresses a popular urban art project inspired and influenced by the traditional rickshaw and cinema banner paintings. 8 contemporary artists in collaboration with 2 rickshaw / banner painters collectively did this project for two months at Britto and transformed the white cube gallery space to a public domain.

-The word ‘RONGBAAZ’ is derived from a popular 1973 bengali film.


Aminul Islam Ashik
Jewel A Rob
Lutfun Nahar
Mahbubur Rahman
Shimul Dutta
Shimul Saha
Tayeba Begum Lipi
Yasmin Jahan Nupur
Mohammad Hanif Pappu (banner painter)
Tapan Das (rickshaw painter)