Art Council England International Fellowship 2009

Artist: Robert Knowles. UK

Dates: February-23 to 13 April 2009

Organized by: Triangle Arts Trust and Britto Arts Trust


Robert Knowles from the UK came to do this Arts Council England International Fellowship. Britto is the co- organizer of this project. This is our 4th year of this project. Robert is a member of the three person collaborative group Knowles Eddy Knowles, and has been investigating local instances of the relational aesthetics aesthetic, the potential of Bangladeshi textiles to form part of an artistic ‘holding environment’, and the future potential of homemade television broadcasting within his practice.

Additional Programs:

Presentation: Chittagong Government Art College, 6th March’09

Presentation:  Bishod Bangla Chittagong, 6th March’09

Presentation: Britto Arts Trust: 3rd April 2009

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