Britto International Artists’ Workshop

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International workshop would function as an experimental art laboratory that brings artists together from different parts of the country, from subcontinent and from around the globe.
To build a platform for the contemporary artist of our country we have organize ‘International Workshop’ in every two years with the Artists from India ,Nepal Sri Lanka, Japan, Maldives, Hong Kong, France, Germany, U.K, Pakistan, Myanmar, Mauritius, Jordan, Egypt, South Africa, Taiwan, Indonesia and Bangladesh. We have gathered 20 to 18 artists both locally and from abroad, 10 from Bangladesh and 10 from other countries for a two week long workshop.

The Britto workshops, which take place all over the country, furthermore encourage artists to explore issues of site specificity. They will live and work in a specific place like isolated haven perfect for enhancing creativity. They have begun to experiment with materials from their everyday surroundings. They will mainly work with new and less practiced art in this region including installation, site specific work, performance, etc.

There is also an open studio day for the artist to show the outcome of the workshop. The workshops at Britto have made it Possible for young Bangladeshi artist to pursue alternative modes of art production.

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