Video Archive

Video Art Workshop 2008


 When I walk through the path I get some kind of rhythm of noise which touches me- rhythm of motion, rhythm of rickshaw drivers, rhythm of horn and rhythm of my feelings. So I caught that single moment and presentation it towards you.

Little Learner - Tayeba Lipi

The Little Learner is trying hard to learn Bangla, her own language and Arabic at the same time. This is about the religion phenomenon of the globe. The piece is concerning the identity crisis of the society.

Momentum - Promotesh Das Pulak

 Its an enlightened life. This means stepping forward frequently in order to survive and to go forward to the rhythm. Theres no vacant time. The video piece momentum is focused on the velocity of life.


Let's Drink - Ashim Halder Sagor

What can you experience? What can you trance? What can you appreciate? Can you envisage that depictions can significance thousands of statement? Well, you may not identify how to harmonize the answers of these questions. So lets discover from here.

It's True - Shimul Saha

The work was done for the Extended Vision- A video art workshop by Britto Arts Trust.

Game - Reaz Hossain 

Shhh!!! The Big cockroaches are playing GAME!
Everyday every moment we are oppressed by the foreign power with their lethal we apon, they attack us by the name of peace( ! ) punch their bad culture for making money. They are desperate to destroy us. They have been spreading out all over the world even in the corner of our sweet home!
Shhh!!! The Big cockroaches are . . . . . . .

FORWARD - Najmun Nahar Keya

 Everyday, coming out of my home, I see people who are passing around .The way of passing is their way to their destiny. This journey of human pace/race is going on and on until the end of their lives.


Disrupted dreamer - Kazi Nargis Afroja Tania

 Every person has some dream and he/she is always passionate about fulfilling the dream. But for the knock of society and survivable we are always disrupted. The compartmentalization of ourselves through our actions, perceptions and thoughts (Profession, passion & emotion) as well as stereotypes imposed on us from outside sources. In this piece I tried to interpret a mental space by converting it into a physical space where the subject acts out this idea of a self contained room of existence and consciousness. Through the actions and movement both eloquent and base the abstract ideas of identity, perception and containment are given physical form. Lastly the floating figure of woman symbolizes a toy of great power or a slave of necessity for survival.


pair of shoes & shoemaker - Ashim Halder

 A Pair Of Shoes & Shoemaker is an experimental video piece done by Ahsim Halder Sagor.